Happy Casino Customers

September 12, 2016 0 By Gillian

There are things, both material and non-material, that casino customers should be provided with to keep them coming back for more games. These are simple things that are not too visible in the casino and have to be given more emphasis.

There are customers who are alright with having other players smoke beside them while playing but others do not. If two separate gaming venues with complete set of games is not feasible, a nook for smokers will be alright as long as it will be separated from those who do not like to smell smoke. Also, provide for ashtrays in the smoking area.

Provide for a place where the players could socialize while they are not into playing. It could be a quiet little room where food can be made available with comfortable couches and some entertainment such as television and a music component.

Do not forget to play speakers every corner to break the monotony of the games. Play some music for everyone else and make sure that the songs are not the same all throughout the night. Remember to keep it at a level that would not be irritating for the players and would still let them talk with each other. Keep it in the background and not the only thing they would ever hear. Also, the speakers could be a means to air some announcements about the casino or just a simple greeting to the players.

Give out promo cards for certain nights that would make them have the urge to come back. You could have a card that would give them a certain quantity of chips, say equal to ten minimum bets in roulette, if they reach twenty five games in that same play field. It would cost a little but it would keep them coming and remain loyal to your casino. Compute for the most feasible amount that you could give that would still leave you some profits. You could award it to selected players for that night based on a list you could have when they enter. Give them a number upon entry that will serve as their raffle ticket if they choose to join in the promo.

Training your casino attendants could also bring out happy casino customers. Employees who are highly motivated will perform better and serve the customers well. However, those who are unsatisfied with aspects of their work will eventually lag behind in performance. Also, teach them to entertain and treat everyone customer the same way and not judge them based on the money they have for that nigh because even a pauper have a pot of gold hidden somewhere. Provide for suggestion box where both satisfied and happy casino customers could leave some message for you.

Customers are to be pleased in every way. They could become happy casino customers when you put away the atmosphere of impersonality of your casino. Turn it into a place where they could have some time to relax and not as a simple place to gamble.