‘Casino Collectible News’ Magazine Review

‘Casino Collectible News’ Magazine Review

June 16, 2018 0 By Gillian

The Casino Collectible News magazine is a quarterly issue from the Casino Chip and Gaming Token Collectors Club, Inc. The full-size (8×11) magazine usually runs about 80 color pages and provides stories about old casinos, casino collectibles like chips, dice, and tokens,and lets club members know what’s going on in their hobby.

High Points

Big magazine in full color

History and facts unavailable elsewhere

Written by knowledgeable casino historians

Low Points

Occasionally too much “club” information

Writing can be spotty

Only available with club membership


Published quarterly for the last 25 years

Articles with dozens of photos of old casinos and memorabilia

Product of the Casino Chip and Gaming Token collectors club, Inc. member group

Guide Review – ‘Casino Collectible News Magazine’ Magazine Review

Casino Collectible News magazine is a quarterly issue from the Casino Chip and Gaming Token Collectors club, Inc. The group is a part of the ANA and has won several awards. The magazine itself was started over 25 years ago as a way to keep club members apprized of what was happening in their hobby (collecting casino chips and memorabilia)and offering historical gems of wisdom unearthed through diligent research. Since that time, several books on the subject of casino history like Nevada’s Golden Age of Gambling and Illegal Gambling Clubs of Toledo have been published, and the collectibles field has grown dramatically.

For collectors and club members, the magazine presents new information and is an invaluable source of historical knowledge. The photos are great, and the articles can be quite exciting and revealing about old casinos and their owners. The current issue has dozens of photos of collectible trinkets like free drink chips, key rings, and lots and lots of chips.

In addition, there are articles about several closed casinos with photos and a short history of their owners, like Felix’s Bank Club and the Big Meadow Club in Lovelock, Nevada written by Doug Saito, who has traveled the state of Nevada relentlessly in search of stories, photos, and old casino chips. The owner of the cubs in Lovelock, Felix Turillas was a regular in Reno, playing poker and hanging out with the big boys. His son was also a casino owner and had a part in the movie, California Split, staring Elliot Gould, George Segal, and “Amarillo” Slim.

Because the magazine is a club membership benefit, it is only available to members. Annual fee for membership is $30. And, because the magazine is club produced, on occasion the editing can be a bit spotty, but overall this is a well-produced and informative quarterly. In addition, it can also have several pages of club information about financial conditions, elections, and so forth, but they don’t detract from the overall presentation of the magazine.

Readers interested in the subject of old casinos and casino collectibles would be hard pressed to find anything comparable to what is offered by Casino Collectible News. Well worth the membership!