Can Compulsive Gambling Affect Domestic Relations

August 16, 2016 0 By Gillian

One of the prominent ways of relaxation and entertainment from the different regions of the world nowadays is gambling. Due to its increasing popularity, some political authorities in most nations approved the legalization of gambling establishments in their jurisdictions. However, this move created public debates between some social groups and public officials.

The legalization of gambling establishments is supported by the fact that casinos contribute to public revenues as well as economic development of a country. On the other hand, social groups argue that legalized gambling can enhance gambling addiction in a community. The perception of social groups is based on the increasing population of people suffering from the mental condition known as compulsive gambling.

Compulsive gambling refers to the condition of a patient who failed to control the urge to be involved in any event that requires betting despite having sufficient knowledge about the risks associated with frequent gambling. Just like any other mental condition, patients of compulsive gambling are encouraged to seek help from counselors as well as psychiatrists to prevent other problems associated with the disorder such as family disruption.

Researches conducted by social analysts showed that the disorder can threaten harmonious family relations. The studies found that victims of compulsive gambling tend to lie to their families regarding where their money are spent. This behavior may caused their loved-ones to doubt, thus, threatening trust within their families.

One of the characteristics of compulsive gamblers is that they normally use the money allotted for the daily needs of their families for their gambling activities. The lack of money in a family is believed to be the primary source of marital conflict. In this regard, there is a possibility that the partners of gambling addicts leave them because they cannot accept and face the financial troubles caused by the actions of their partners.

In some cases, victims of compulsive gambling constantly suffer from anxiety, depression as well as physical and psychological stress. According to reports published in newspapers, there are instances wherein gambling addicts cannot control their temper and divert their depression to their children which may lead to child abuse.

To avoid the negative consequences of compulsive gambling on families, it is necessary that patients of the disorder should seek help and be treated by medical experts as soon as possible. Gamblers may not be aware of the long-term risks associated with their addiction to gambling. Hence, it is important that gamblers know that their motive for being involved in a gambling event is to have fun and not to destroy the harmony in their households.